About Us

By working together, we can ensure that everyone has the keys to good oral health.

The California Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (CA-OPEN) is building collective power to ensure that good oral health care is a fundamental right for all Californians. We are bringing together a diversity of experiences, knowledge and skills of network members, coupled with a shared vision and purpose, to create the opportunity for greater collective impact. Together, we are working to align oral health efforts so that people get the keys they need to unlock the doors to good health.


Maximize Connectivity

Maximize connectivity and engagement through a strong, focused, and well-resourced network structure.

  • Ensure partners and allies are aligned to maximize our collective impact for improved oral health.
  • Leverage connections that already exist and create new connections with advocates, consumers and partners in advancing oral health equity.

Leverage better data, knowledge and practices to develop an informed, statewide, and community-driven policy.

  • Harness opportunities to advance shared policies and practices.
  • Share ideas, policies, practices, and needs to identify a policy agenda that addresses inequities in oral health.

Shift public perception, knowledge, and engagement on oral health advocacy.

  • Elevate the urgency and importance of oral health in the public perception.
  • Educate the public about why disparities and inequities exist.
  • Provide information that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  • Raise more diverse voices throughout California.

Our Strategies

Who We AreIntegrate oral health equity both in policy and practice so that resources and services are streamlined and connected.

handsConnect and convene community organizations, leveraging the power, knowledge, and resources so that everyone has the keys they need to unlock the doors to good oral health.

capital buildingEducate policymakers about the links between oral health and our surroundings and opportunities, emphasizing how access to good oral health care for everyone and investing in prevention helps our entire state.

providersEngage providers – including school nurses, pediatricians, and public health officials – to increase access to oral health care toward better overall health outcomes and improved quality of life, finding ways they can expand services to more people.